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NEWS | May 7, 2024

8 things you need to know about the Snowcuber

Choosing the right snowblower can be a difficult tasks. Here are 8 things you need to know about the Snowcuber to help you on your snow clearning journey.

1. A compact machine

The Snowcuber is compact and therefore easy to use in city centers. With the easy to use controlpanel, the driver can safely operate the machine and has full control over what he is doing.

2. Time saving

The Snowcuber compresses the snow, so that 20% to 50% more snow can be removed with fewer transports. The Snowcuber can load 14 trucks per hour, or one truck every 4 minutes. This is more than enough to be more efficient than a Blower.

3. Safety First

The snow leaves the Snowcuber through a remote controlled telescopic trunk, which lets the snow fall gently into the truck, ensuring the safety of people and surroundings.

4. Reduced lanfill

By compressing the snow, the volume in the landfill is reduced. Less snow means less storage capacity needed and therefore lower costs.

5. Easy to maintain

Due to climate change, the snow is becoming stickier than before. In the event of a jam, the driver can press the reverse button and the snow will run out effortlessly and automatically at the bottom.

6. Less transport movements

Compressing the amount of snow up to a factor of 2. This will strongly decrease the amount of dumptrucks on the road. Controlled loading increases the capacity of a dump truck from 18 to more than 22 cubic meter.

7. Less CO2

The Snowcuber consumes less fuel and has fewer emissions (CO2), The CO2 emission is also decreased by the reduced amount of truckmovements. Conclusion: better for the environment.

8. Money saving

Less truckmovements, lower emission, less snowremoval-time, the Snowcuber is a money-saver with a Return of Inverstment (R.O.I.) that is mostly less than 2 years!


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