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Revolutionize Your Winter Maintenance!

Introducing snow compression

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Calculate your investment value!

Operational cost savings per year

Saving snowdump fee reduction truckloads

Total operational savings

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-50% Truck movements

Saving money and the environment, by reducing the truck movements upto 50%

-50% Snow volume

By compressing the snow, you can remove it much faster and better than in the traditional way

-50% Operational expenditure

Save a lot of money on the amount of trucks, the clean-up time and the storage

Preserve road & parking capacity

Create more road and parking capacity in a safe, accurate and controlled way

Preserve stand capacity

Create apron capacity and clean runways in a safe, accurate and controlled way

CO2 reduction

Less truck movements give less CO2 emission and a better environmental footprint


The Snowcuber: a crucial part for your Snowremoval team

The snowcuber can be used in many ways on several fronts. It is widely used in cities, ports, airports and industrial environments. Unlike other snowmachines, the snowcuber is more efficient, safer and has a controlled loading system.

We can offer you the ideal solution for any situation, and the ROI is worth looking at.


To keep cities snowfree in wintertime is a heavy task. The Snowcuber can ad a significant contribution to a safe, quick, less expensive and controlled snowremoval.

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Airports have a tide schedule of arrival and departure. That’s why Snocom introduced the ultimate cost and time saving solution that also reduces the CO2 emission. For keeping your aprons clean during snow season.

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A snowfree Harbour is important for the distribution-channel worldwide. The Snowcuber can play an important and interesting part in keeping the port clear.

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Logistic centre’s

Transport of every kind of goods is essential for the economy. Snocom therefore has introduced the Snowcuber, to guarantee a snow-free working environment in a safe and controlled way.

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Process vs power

An efficient approach
for clearing faster


Our Snowcuber
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8 reasons why you should choose the Snocom machine!


A compact machine

The Snowcuber is compact and therefore easy to use in city centers. With the easy to use controlpanel, the driver can safely operate the machine and has full control over what he is doing.


Time saving

The Snowcuber compresses the snow, so that 20% to 50% more snow can be removed with fewer transports. The Snowcuber can load 14 trucks per hour, or one truck every 4 minutes. This is more than enough to be more efficient than a Blower.


Safety first

The snow leaves the Snowcuber through a remote controlled telescopic trunk, which lets the snow fall gently into the truck, ensuring the safety of people and surroundings.


Reduced landfill

By compressing the snow, the volume in the landfill is reduced. Less snow means less storage capacity needed and therefore lower costs.


Easy to maintain

Due to climate change, the snow is becoming stickier than before. In the event of a jam, the driver can press the reverse button and the snow will run out effortlessly and automatically at the bottom.


Less transport movements

Compressing the amount of snow up to a factor of 2. This will strongly decrease the amount of dumptrucks on the road. Controlled loading increases the capacity of a dump truck from 18 to more than 22 cubic meter.


Less CO2

The Snowcuber consumes less fuel and has fewer emissions (CO2), The CO2 emission is also decreased by the reduced amount of truckmovements. Conclusion: better for the environment.


Money saving

Less truckmovements, lower emission, less snowremoval-time, the Snowcuber is a money-saver with a Return of Inverstment (R.O.I.) that is mostly less than 2 years!

Why choose the Snowcuber instead of a snowblower?


In the open field, a snowblower has his advantages, but on an airport or in the city, Our Snowcuber will win the challenge. In the City and on the airport aprons, the Snowcuber is more efficient, faster, better to handle, easier to maintain and most important: safer to use.

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City STARA 2022


Support is key


As our customers are at the very heart of everything we do as a company, we consequently believe that service and support are just as important as any product innovation. We bring a team of highly skilled and motivated service engineers. SNOCOM excels in commissioning, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, upgrades & overhauls and consultancy & analysis.

Our Support

“The speed of the machine is slower, but the total snow clearing process is much more effective and faster!”

Zürich Airport
Fleet Management

“SNOCOM's snow compression technology is a real innovation. As a development partner and launching customer, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol supports the further development of the Snowcuber in several areas.”

Fleet Manager Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Peter van de Linde

"By compressing the snow, SNOCOM Snowcuber should be able to accurately load snow into dump trucks, maximizing cargo capacity and reducing the amount of dump trucks. In addition, at Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport, we are very satisfied with SNOCOM's customer support as they take into account our specific needs for optimizing the machines."

Groupe ADP (Aéroport de Paris)
David DIAS