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For every environment the right solution


Every environment has it’s own requirements

We continuously strive to be the most innovative provider of snow removal machines trusted for airports and municipal applications.

SNOCOM developed the Snowcuber that reduces the volume of snow before loading it in a truck, by pressing out the air from the snow. The Snowcuber is suited for a diversity of jobs in different circumstances.


To keep cities snowfree in wintertime is a heavy task. The Snowcuber can ad a significant contribution to a safe, quick, less expensive and controlled snowremoval.

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Airports have a tide schedule of arrival and departure. That’s why Snocom introduced the ultimate cost and time saving solution that also reduces the CO2 emission. For keeping your aprons clean during snow season.

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A snowfree Harbour is important for the distribution-channel worldwide. The Snowcuber can play an important and interesting part in keeping the port clear.

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Logistic centre’s

Transport of every kind of goods is essential for the economy. Snocom therefore has introduced the Snowcuber, to guarantee a snow-free working environment in a safe and controlled way.

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