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Our Snowcuber

A revolutionary
approach on
more efficient and
safer snow removal

The Snowcuber is the most innovative snow machine in the market for safe and controlled loading all kinds of snow without clogging. SNOCOM’s volume reduction technique (up to 50%) is different and unique. It’s the ultimate cost and time saving solution that also helps reducing emissions and movements. The additional advantage is that it also saves a lot of money on hiring trucks. These features offer a valuable business case.

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Snowcuber vrij
total width

2450 mm

width auger

1780 mm

total height

3800 mm

maximum height lorry loading

2990 mm


1650 kg

Accurate and controlled snow disposal

The Snowcuber is able to accurately load snow into the dump truck. Maximizing load capacity and decreasing the amount of dump trucks. SNOCOM’s Snowcuber is the answer to snow-related issues in inner cities, ports, airports and logistics centres. Wherever snow needs to be transported, the Snowcuber has a big advantage over the existing Snowblowers, which are only useful in rural areas and open fields.

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Arm vrijstaand

Snow compression module

Compressing the snow

The Snowcuber is capable of easily clearing all sorts of snow. The impeller effortlessly launches wet snow into the compression module. Snow that is transported by the conveyor screw will end up in the impeller which is basically an oversized snow pump. The sole purpose of the impeller is to launch the snow into the compression module and thereby increasing the static pressure.

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Reverse mode

Emptying the Snowcuber

Easy to empty the compressor when you reverse the direction of rotation of the auger. The driver doesn’t have to leave the truck cabin for emptying the Snowcuber after a lockup by clogged snow.

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Innovative design

Easy access to all parts

Easily access to the impeller for maintenance and all parts are standard products, so spare parts can be required in any kind of technical shop.


Independant units

The Hydraulic Power Unit

The power unit is an external and independant unit that doesn’t need the hydraulic power of the tractor. The unit has a powerful and stable hydraulic flow, a hydraulic cooling unit and is controlled by rear PTO. The various hydraulic parts all act apart from each other, so there will never be a complete fall-out of the Snowcuber.