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An efficient approach
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Our Compact Snowcuber

The Compact Snowcuber can plow, load and compress the snow. A Snocom sweeper can be added at the rear of the tractor to minimize the salt usage. All these features offer cities a valuable business case.

Dimensions 2 Snowcubers
total width

2450 mm

width auger

1780 mm

total height

3800 mm

maximum height lorry loading

2990 mm


1650 kg

Accurate and controlled snow disposal

The Compact Snowcuber is able to accurately load snow into the dump truck. Maximizing load capacity and decreasing the amount of dump trucks. SNOCOM’s Compact Snowcuber is the answer to snow-related issues in inner cities and logistics centres.The Compact Snowcuber is a compact and efficient snow removal machine that compresses snow to reduce volume and truck movements


Snow compression module

Compressing the snow

Use this Compact SnowCuber with Hydraulic Power Unit only for the intended purposes it is designed for. The Compact SnowCuber with Hydraulic Power Unit is designed for the removal and compression of snow.

The Compact SnowCuber(CSC) is a product which can perform in all types of snow. The three stage CSC is used in combination with a tractor. A tractor with a minimum power of 105 kW (142 hp) must be used.
The hydraulic power unit at the rear linkage of the tractor is driven by PTO and provides the CSC in the front linkage of the tractor with hydraulic power.

The CSC comprises three stages.
• Stage 1: The snow is transported by means of an horizontal auger into the impeller.
• Stage 2: The impellor throws the snow into the compressor.
• Stage 3: The auger of the compressor compresses the snow and transports it into the hat.
Than the compressed snow falls through the snow outlet slide into the dump truck.

The compressor frame with the snow outlet slide can be rotated hydraulically, 20 degrees backwards and 20 degrees forwards to load the dump truck while in operating modus.

The snow outlet slide can be fold in hydraulically, and the compressor frame can rotated 90 degrees backwards into storage position for longer distance movements.

Also the compressor can be emptied in this position by reverse rotation of the auger in the compressor.

There are two functionalities which are optional:

  • OPTION 1: The hat of the compressor and the snow outlet slide can rotate 180 degrees forwards to the right side of the machine This way it is possible to dump the snow at the right side of the machine.
  • OPTION 2: The snow outlet slide can extend 500 mm. This way it is possible to load the dump truck accurately.


Compressing the snow

Easy to empty the compressor when you reverse the direction of rotation of the auger. Easily access to the impeller for maintenance.


Service and maintenance

Under normal operating conditions, the Compact SnowCuber requires a minimum of maintenance. Visual checks are sufficient.

Only make use of genuine parts. If applicable, parts must be set and tested prior to assembly. Please contact Hydrauvision for information.

Contact Hydrauvision if any spare parts or replacements are needed.

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