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To utilize our expertise to deliver the most innovative snow removal machine to remove snow in an efficient, cost effective, safe and sustainable manner and to support our customers throughout the lifetime of our products.


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We continuously strive to be the most innovative provider of snow removal machines trusted for airports and municipal applications.

SNOCOM developed the Snowcuber that reduces the volume of snow before loading it in a truck, by pressing out the air from the snow. This patented technology enables airports, cities, ports and logistics centres to preserve their capacity, reduce the number of dump trucks, movements, operational expenditures and emissions.

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The Snowcuber

Patented snow
removal design

Our extensive and innovative study led to the development of a snow compressor module that compresses snow by squeezing out the air, reducing the volume of the snow up to 50%; the Snowcuber. Imagine what our Snowcuber means for CO2 emissions if you can reduce the number of transports up to 50%, this equates into tremendous savings for both the environment and operational costs.

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Our view on snowfall

A solution for
every challenge

Snowfall and snow on the ground can severely disrupt daily life, often leading to substantial economic damage. Any significant amount of snow should be removed as quickly as possible. However, the techniques currently in use for snow removal have not changed much since their introduction and have several disadvantages such as poor cost effectiveness and a relatively large environmental impact. SNOCOM’s Snowcuber is the answer to snow-related issues in inner cities, ports, airports and logistics centres. Wherever snow needs to be transported, the Snowcuber has a big advantage over the existing snowblowers, which are only useful in rural areas and open fields.

The environmental requirements push winter operations for a different approach. Cities need to reduce traffic movements (congestion and CO2) while handling the snow and keep cities open during or just after snow events – as soon as possible. SNOCOM’s volume reduction technique is different and unique. It significantly helps to reduce emissions and movements. In an average winter, Montreal snow dumping sites receive approximately 13 million cubic meters (325,000 truckloads) of snow. It’s a real ballet of heavy machinery and trucks!

SNOCOM’s machine, named the Snowcuber, ingests large amounts of snow and exploits the compressibility of the snow to reduces the snow’s volume by a factor of 2. Can you imagine what SNOCOM`s Snowcuber means for CO2 emissions if you can reduce the number of transports up to 50%? The additional advantage is that it also saves a lot of money on hiring trucks. Because of that customers call our machine the money-making machine.

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Excellent customer support

Service beyond

The Snowcuber is developed in close co-operation with professional users who set strict requirements for capacity, clearing speed and end results.

Our Support

“The speed of the machine is slower, but the total snow clearing process is much more effective and faster!”

Zürich Airport
Fleet Management

“SNOCOM's snow compression technology is a real innovation. As a development partner and launching customer, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol supports the further development of the Snowcuber in several areas.”

Fleet Manager Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Peter van de Linde

"By compressing the snow, SNOCOM Snowcuber should be able to accurately load snow into dump trucks, maximizing cargo capacity and reducing the amount of dump trucks. In addition, at Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport, we are very satisfied with SNOCOM's customer support as they take into account our specific needs for optimizing the machines."

Groupe ADP (Aéroport de Paris)
David DIAS