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NEWS | January 14, 2022

SNOCOM`s Inside Scope on Emissions

Transportation represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities. Europe’s answer to the emission reduction challenge in the transport sector is an irreversible shift to low-emission mobility. By midcentury, greenhouse gas emissions from transport will need to be at least 60% lower than in 1990 and be firmly on the path towards zero. Emissions of air pollutants from transport that harm our health need to be drastically reduced without delay.

The environmental requirements also push winter operations for a different approach. Cities need to reduce traffic movements (congestion and CO2) while handling the snow and keep cities open during or just after snow events – as soon as possible. Our (volume) reduction technique is different and unique. It significantly helps to reduce emissions and movements. In an average winter, Helsinki’s snow dumping sites receive approximately 50,000 truckloads of snow. In Montreal every year, 13 million cubic meters (325,000 truckloads) are taken to disposal sites! It’s a real ballet of heavy machinery and trucks!

SNOCOM’s, Snowcuber ingests large amounts of snow and exploits the compressibility of the snow to reduce the snow’s volume by double the amount. Imagine what our Snowcuber means for CO2 emissions if you can reduce the number of transports up to 50%, this equates into tremendous savings for both the environment and operational costs. Customers refer to our machine as “The Money Making Machine.”

Start immediately with Snowcuber, don’t let the operational challenges that Covid19 has introduced lead the way. Snowcuber leads the way in technology and the future of snow removal; with reduced emissions, equipment movements, fuel consumption and costs for a cleaner, more efficient future.

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